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  • Final Fantasy XII is a complex game, with more activities than even Final Fantasy X. As the Final Fantasy series grows, the need for a Wiki that offers indepth coverage of each game increases. Expect to see a lot of red links to the general knowledge articles, as these are covered already on the Final Fantasy Wiki. But also expect to find compendiums of information that even the gaming company guides do not cover all on one page, like individual Hunts, and things that fell through the cracks, like the lists of what monsters drop, that were commonplace coverage for the earlier FFs and for some reason no one got around to - 2nd July, 2011
  • 7/8/09- Tournesol page is created
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The Tournesol is the strongest Greatsword available in Final Fantasy XII. Its licence is found at the bottom right corner of the License Board.

It is obtained through the Bazaar process; its ingredients are also obtained from the Bazaar.

The Tournesol costs 225 Licence Points (LP); and 600,000 Gil. It has an attack power of 140, topped only by the game's strongest weapon, Zodiac Spear. While lacking a few points in attack power, the Tournesol exceeds the Zodiac Spear in terms of multi-hit and evasion rate.

While it appears at first glance that the sword needs only three respective items to be sold, in order for the Tournesol to become available for purchase at the Bazaar, those items must themselves be bought as a package from the Bazaar. In total, eight types of loot must be sold to merchants, and the eight can be very hard to obtain in numbers.

9 articles since May 2010

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